Hi! I am a researcher at IGN,the French Nation Geographical Institute, in the computer science department: MATIS. The focus of my research is on exploiting the graph structure of spatial data to improve the precision and speed of learning methods.

During my PhD I studied learning and optimization structured by large graphs (total variation, graphical models, etc). I now work on remote sensing application such as semantic analysis of LiDAR point clouds, satellite hyperspectral imagery and surface reconstruction. I have also developed an interest for structured deep models on graphs with recurrent networks (GRU, LSTM, ECC).

NEW: the code of superpoint graph is now online!!

NEW: our new framework superpoint graph, with Martin Simonovsky, is first in the Semantic3D challenge by 11.8 and 8.8 mIoU points. We also lead the S3DIS challenge by 5.8 mIoU  points.

I teach machine learning at master DesiGéo and master PPMD at ENSG as a teaching assistant.

I review for ICML, NIPS, ICCV, IJDSA, ANR, among others.